Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp just got announced, and it’s not too far off till the franchise’s first mobile game finally becomes available to the public.

The game was originally announced in spring 2016, and they had plans to release the game in that year itself. However, Super Mario Run got released that fall and the company ended up changing its release schedules.

The game pretty much has players manage their own campsite, where they can build up their own character (as well as the campsite) which can be decorated with various buildings and furniture.

Said furniture can be crafted by using collectibles, which in turn are garnered by helping out the denizens of other nearby “recreation sites” and collecting rewards. Like the previous games, you can entice new characters to visit the campsite, but you can now increase friendship level with them, a feature that previously wasn’t present in the series.

Players will also be able to fish, this time with a net to catch multiple at once.

Of course, while the game itself is free, there will be microtransactions that will let you speed up time for building and so on. The game does run on real-time as well, something most Animal Crossing players will find familiar. Players will be able to swap ID numbers too, and visit other people’s campsites.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is set to drop in late November for both iOs and Android, with pre-registration open now.