Once again AniManGaki opened its doors to the public this year, with the event running over the 27-28 August. Here’s a quick overview over what went down last weekend.

AniManGaki has been running out of Sunway Pyramid Convention Center for a few years now, with the event gathering thousands of attendees and cosplayers alike to come partake in the myriad of activities running concurrently over the two days.

Since there was so much going on all at once, we’ll only be touching on some of the main events that went on over the weekend, but do look out for our opinion piece on AMG 2016 later!

amg aftermath 3

Aside from the opening/closing performances that saw talents like the super talented TAMusic Harmonia ACG, Yume, Deltarythm, IKEMENZ and AMG Idol brought some very strong competitors this year too!

Not forgetting the Touhou, Gijinka cosplay competition, and CosplayPX! Not forgetting guest appearances by A.K Wirru and Yin Tze, with Wirru also conducting a cosplay workshop on Saturday!

amg 2016 aftermath 4

For those outside the hall, there was the awesome Tohou Matsuri where you got to play carnival games to win cool stuff or if you burn with competitive spirit, you maybe joined the AniManGaki AllStars Arena or joined the Danmaku tourney. For the fans who wanted to just chillax, there was a huge toys and figurines showcase upstairs just next to the anime screening room, animes courtesy of Crunchyroll.

amg aftermath 2

Last but not nearly the least, is the HUGE amount of premium, sponsor and doujin booths that were promoting everything from cosplay items, fan products and even original art and comics made by our own local artists!

The event came to a close with performances by Harmonia ACG, Yume and of course, obligatory closing ceremony.

AMG 2016- aftermath

Thanks for all the hard work Team AMG! We’ll be looking forward to next year! and a big shout out to all the awesome cosplayers that showed up for the event, you guys just keep getting better and better!

Also, check out our image galleries below!