Fafner Exodus Animax

Animax Asia is going to premier Fafner Exodus early next month, with the alien-invasion sci-fi anime to become open to Malaysians with access to the channel.

The Fafner EXODUS sequel anime premiered earlier this year in Japan on 8 January, with the setting two and a half years after Sōkyū no Fafner: Dead Aggressor: Heaven and Earth in the year 2151.The 10th anniversary project brought back staff from the first Fafner series, including director Nobuyoshi Habara. Tow Ubukata is the writer for the project while Gou Nakanishi is the producer.

Fafner EXODUS will premier 8 December at 10pm in Malaysia, with two episodes back-to-back on Monday to Tuesday.

Here’s the anime’s synopsis as pulled from the Animax website:

“Are you there?”

2150 A.D

The fight against the silicon-based alien lifeform, Festum that has led to the destruction of a majority in the world is now entering a new phase. Scattered fragments of the crushed Artic Mir around the world from the First Azure Operation are starting to act out of their own will. While majority of the Mir wage war against mankind, some of the Festum choose to coexist instead. A new chapter begins as a further evolution is about to befall the island; the encounter of a girl who understands the language of the Festum and another girl protected by the Festum.