We know that the 2020 Olympics will be happening in Tokyo in about three years time, but they’re already getting ready for the anime awesomeness that’s set to come; and the Tokyo 2020 Official Online shop has revealed some themed merch to go along with it.

We’re already expecting the opening and closing ceremonies to have some anime influence in it, given that its’s quite a big part of Japan’s culture, and of course the merch will reflect that as well.

tokyo olympics 2020_2

The merch won’t be sporting our favourite electric mouse Pikachu or Mario, but will instead be sporting the likenesses of popular anime characters who so happen to also be the ambassador’s to the games.

Popular anime characters like Sailor Moon, Astro Boy, One Piece’s Luffy, Naruto, Dragon Ball’s Son Goku, Crayon Sin-chan, Yo-Kai Watch‘s Jibanyan and some of the girls from Pretty Cure have been seen on the official merchandise though we’re not sure if they would represent specific sports.

tokyo olympics 2020_3

The characters here are pretty dang iconic, and maybe they’re simply targeting the Japanese audience, hence the lack of Pikachu. However, the 2020 Olympics is still a good three years away, and there isn’t really a market for foreign sports fans to be picking up the gear so it’s pretty safe to assume these are indeed, for the Japanese fans.

If you want to check out the online shop for yourself, you can check it out here.