Aniplus-Asia recently revealed that they will be simulcasting Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond for the second season of the anime.

The anime is based off the manga of (almost) the same name, Blood Blockade Battlefront by Yasuhiro Nightow.

The simulcast is set to drop on 8 October, 3:30am GMT+8, and Aniplus-Asia will also air all 12 episodes of the first season as a marathon starting on Saturday, 6PM GMT+8.

Aniplus-Asia describes the new season:

The unsung defenders of Hellsalem’s Lot return.In a city fraught with paranormal chaos, the members of the secret organization Libra is tasked with preserving order in the strangest place on Earth. They are led by Blood Battle God Klaus Von Reinherz, and are made up of second-in-command Steven A. Starphase, hoodlum Zapp Renfro, merman Zed O’Brien, invisible werewolf Chain Sumeragi, sharpshooter K.K. and Leonardo Watch, the boy with the ocular power “All Seeing Eyes of God”.

The never-ending party is back with a vengeance!

The anime will premiere in Japan on 7 October.