The last year or so has seen a heap of Sailor Moon collaboration projects in toys, fashion and collectibles. Now fashion and beauty brand Anna Sui has gotten in on the action for some seriously snazzy accessories and merch.

The imited-edition goodies include a variety of bags, brooches, pendants, bracelets, earrings, hair barrettes and coin cases that feature the common themes of the Sailor Senshi’s transformation items and other popular motifs from the series.

This is their 2nd collaboration with Istean in fact, and the items will become available starting 16 March at the Sailor Moon x Isetan Shop in Tokyo-to at Isetan Shinjuku.

Without further ado, here’s the collection:


First up is the Starry Sky Music Box pendant (probably our favourite piece in the collection!) and Key of Space-Time necklace which retail at 23,000 yen each (about RM 843).


Then there’s the Moon Stick pendant necklace  at 21,000 yen (RM770) and a Sailor Moon Choker going for 16,000 (RM586), followed by the Sailor Moon pieced earrings 19,000 (RM696) and the two way pierced earrings retail for 9,000 yen (RM330).


Then there’s this lovely bracelet set featuring the colour and symbols for Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus which retails for 26,000 (RM953) and lunar hair barrettes and brooches for 10,000 (RM366)

Plus the really pretty Serenity Crystal barrette which retails for 13,000 yen (RM476)


The Boston bags retail at 39,000 yen (RM 1430)and come in black, pink and yellow/beige with sparkly colourful embellisments.


The strap version of the Boston bags go for the same price, though the shoulder bag versions retail for 33,000 yen (RM1210)

sailormoonxannasuit_8 sailormoonxannasuit_9

The enamelled leather wallets come in two shades and go for 23,000 yen (RM843) a piece, with the smaller coin cases going for 16,000 (RM586) and pass cases going for 13,000 (RM476).

These limited edition goodies will be on sale in three locations, Tokyo (16-22 March), Nagoya (30 March – 5 April) and Osaka (8-14 April) so if you have friends in any of these cities, its time to let them know!