This article contains possible spoilers from future episodes of Attack on Titan

If you’ve completed Season 2 of Attack on Titan, you’ll know that Titans are not random alien entities but rather humans who were infected (perhaps) by a virus (perhaps). Okay, to be honest, we have no clue how these humans actually became Titans, but they were definitely humans. That much we’re sure of.

Since finding that out, questions arise, both for the audiences and the characters in the show. Who are these Titans that we’re killing? Do we know them? We got somewhat of a confirmation that one of the Titans in Connie Springer’s village is his mom.

Now it seems that one of the Titans Sasha fought in the second episode of Season 2 is Connie Springer’s dad. A Reddit thread picked up on some official artwork from the SNK Season 2 Festa, in which the notes apparently reveal that the Titan was Connie Springer’s dad.

Attack on Titan fans on Reddit also claim that AOT creator Hajime Isayama actually intended for Sasha to die in the fight against Connie’s dad. However, as the always-thinking-about-food Sasha turned into a fan favourite, Isayama decided against it.