The critically acclaimed horror comic, Locke and Key will be making another attempt at a screen adaptation, this time with its creator Joe Hill at the helm.

Despite the precedent set by the successful adaptation of the Walking Dead comic, Locke and Key have yet to make the transition to the screen, though not for the lack of trying.

In 2011, the horror comic almost came to life with a pilot episode shot for Fox but it was eventually shelved. Two years later, the right for the series was acquired by Universal with plans for a feature film but this too failed to materialise.

For the third attempt, Locke and Key‘s writer Joe Hill will helm the transition to screen himself, taking on the role of writer and executive producer for the series. To get the TV series off the ground, Hill will be collaborating with IDW Entertainment, an affliate of the comics original publishers.

The writer said, “the seven years I spent working on Locke and Key was the happiest creative experience of my life and there still isn’t a day when I don’t think about those characters and miss visiting with them.”

He explained that the six book run of the series is very similar to a six season TV series, it is only natural to take comic to the TV screen and see if it could scare the pants off viewers.

Locke and Key centres on the Locke siblings, who return to their ancestral home, the Keyhouse in Lovecraft, Massechusetts, after the brutal murder of their father. Hidden in the Keyhouse, is a number of magical keys that open gateways to various dimensions and demons with their own agenda.

Illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez, the series have won two British Fantasy Award for Best Comic as well as an Eisner Award for Best Writer.

Joining Hill in bringing the series to life is IDW Entertainment’s Ted Adams and David Ozer as executive producers. The production company responsible for the Walking Dead adaptation, Circle of Confusion is also attached to the project.

Hopefully, fans of Locke and Key will get a TV adaptation of their favourite comic. In the meantime, stay tuned for further information regarding the project.