The wave of Sailor Moon merchandise this year doesn’t seem to be letting up, and that’s a good thing. Earlier this year there was a round of compact candy dispensers bearing the likeness of Chibi-Usa’s Luna-P and Usagi’s transformation brooch, and now we have four new designs to collect.

This round, the four new candy dispensers are quality replicas of Sailor Moon’s original transformation brooch, the Starry Music Box, Silver Crystal and Chibi Moon’s Prism Heart compact.

All of the compacts will contain peach-flavoured candy mints, which will leave you with an awesome collectible charm once consumed.

sailor moon mint_2

The Starry Music Box (which has a pink counterpart bundled with the Accessory Stand we mentioned yesterday) that drops candy by moving the moon on the inside.

The Silver Crystal dispenses candy from the bottom instead. You can check them all hanging out on said Accessory stand with the original two charms.

sailor moon minitab main

The charms are now open for pre-order for 500 yen each (about RM 17) and Bandai will begin sale starting November.

You can take a closer look at the individual charms in detail in the gallery below: