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Tai-Madō Gakuen 35 Shiken Shōtai /対魔導学園35試験小隊 or AntiMagic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon” light novel series is set to be adapted into anime for fall 2015 by Studio Silver Link (Chaos Dragon, Yurikuma Arashi).

Directed by Tomoyuki Kawamura (Kamigami no Asobi) with series composition (writing) by Kento Shimoyama (Bleach, Servant x Service) and character designing by Kousuke Kawamura (Mayo Chiki!!), the anime series is based on light novel by Toki Yanagimi. So far, 10 volumes of the novel have been published by Fujimi Shobo since May 2012.

The manga adaptation is by Sutaro Hanao and serialized in shonen manga monthly Monthly Dragon Age (2012-2014) and compiled into three tankubon volumes. Now, a second manga adaptation is ongoing with Yohei Yasumura as the artist in seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive since January 2015.

Takeru Kusanagi - Yoshimasa Hosoya (Attack on Titan)
Takeru Kusanagi – Yoshimasa Hosoya (Attack on Titan)
Ouka Ohtori - Reina Ueda
Ouka Ohtori – Reina Ueda
Usagi Saionji - Rumi Ookubo (Yuruyuri)
Usagi Saionji – Rumi Ookubo (Yuruyuri)
Ikaruga Suginami - Ryoko Shiraishi (Amagi Brilliant Park)
Ikaruga Suginami – Ryoko Shiraishi (Amagi Brilliant Park)
Lapis Lazuli: Iori Nomizu
Lapis Lazuli: Iori Nomizu
Mari Nikaido: Kanae Itō
Mari Nikaido: Kanae Itō
Haunted: Kōji Yusa
Haunted: Kōji Yusa

The official synopsis:

The story is set in the world of people with magical powers on the edge of ruin. The top of the military power has moved from swords to magic, then to guns. AntiMagic Academy was founded to train inquisitioners to crack down on the remaining threat of the magical powers. The protagonist Takeru Kusanagi is a student of the academy and belongs to the 35th test platoon, a scratch team of poor students. While having no talent for guns, he has studied to be an inquisitioner with his only merit, kenjyutsu (swordsmanship). One day, Ouka Ohtori, a super elite student who has the license to witch-hunt, joins his platoon. She is nicknamed “Calamity,” since she actually shot a criminal to death in the past. As the leader of the platoon, Takeru starts working with her on a mission to retrieve Magical Heritage. ”

For some idea on what the series is all about, check out the light novel trailer above.

via: MOCA

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