A purported iPhone 6 dummy set from Sonny Dickinson
A purported iPhone 6 dummy set from Sonny Dickinson
A purported iPhone 6 dummy set pic from Sonny Dickinson

The Apple rumour wheel continues to turn and turn. This time round, it’s the supposed launch date of their iPhone 6. Yep, looks like Apple is likely to launch their new iPhone on September 9.

Now it’s pretty easy to pull any Tom, Dick and Harry date out of a hat, but considering the source of it, we’re likely to take this with a little more seriousness. If the date is accurate, this would put the iPhone 6’s launch date just days after Samsung announces its phablet flagship, the Galaxy Note 4 on September 3 in Berlin. It would also fall in line with its track record of launching its phone during a mid-September period, so yeah, it does seem that the rumour is more likely truth.

The iPhone 6 is obviously one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones of 2014 and though the iPhone has maintained a strong fan base, there’s been rumblings that it needs to be more than what it is now. A larger screen especially has been one of the major wants of many iPhone enthusiast and based on what we’ve managed to compile so far, it’s very likely we’ll be seeing a bump in screen size on the iPhone 6 to not only 4.7-inches but also 5.5-inches. That would put the larger iPhone 6 into the phablet zone.

Despite all these near confirmation of rumours though, without official word from Apple, it’s still that, a rumour. So until we get official word and see the phones ourselves, well it’s better to keep an open mind.

Source: Bloomberg and WSJ

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