With the new Pacific Rim movie coming, they’re definitely going to be needing some new Jaegers, given that most of them got trashed in the previous movie. As such, this new image gives us a look at what could be the new Jaegers from Pacific Rim: Uprising.

As of the moment, lead actor John Boyega gave the first look at Jake Pentecost, his character in the film. We’ve also gotten a look at his pilot armor, but this one is official:

pacific rim uprising jaeger concept_1

It only makes sense that the new movie will have new Jaegers, as there likely will be new Kaiju for these giant machines to meet in battle. We know that Gipsy Danger is making a comeback, but it seems to have three newer Jaegers alongside it. They kinda look like the Eva units from Neo Genesis Evangelion though.

pacific rim uprising jaeger concept

None of the new Jaegers have names yet but the middle one looks sort of like Gipsy Danger. Given that both Boyega’s pilot suit and the Jaeger have similar colours, could this be his new mech? nobody knows for certain.

Pacific Rim: Uprising hits theaters 23 February 2018.