Take to the field with the latest in the Molotov line of mobile headsets.

Singapore-based gaming gear manufacturers Armaggeddon has just launched the newest model in its Molotov headset product line. Despite being called the 5, it is confusingly the 3rd Molotov headset, but shares with its predecessors the 40mm drivers and compact form factor while upgrading to braided cables for greater protection of the internal wiring.

The Molotov-5 (we at The Hyped Geek do not recommend throwing your headsets) comes in three colours, colourfully named Scarlet Soviets, Alpine Allies for the blue, and just plain Armageddon for the hornet black and yellow. Gamers looking for more heavy duty sound solutions can also check out their Mark and Fuze lines of headphones.

The headset is now available in Singapore and Malaysia both at retail and online.