With this week’s episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon bringing Ash back to Kanto, the episode is nothing short of a whole bunch of reunions!

If you remember watching the original series, you’ll find plenty of familiar friends, like Misty and Brock, on top of Ash’s fiesty Jigglypuff, his Muk (which he had issues with because of how badly it smelled) and his pack of THIRTY Tauros who all missed him since he went away (the scene isn’t in the teaser but it’s in the episode itself).

Of course, there’s also a super cute reunion with Bulbasaur, who is one of the first Pokemon Ash ever caught.

If you’re wondering about all the Tauros, the episode where Ash caught one too many of the bull Pokemon didn’t make it Stateside because of a guy pulling a gun on Ash, Misty and Brock.

The episode is set to drop on 14 September in Japan, but it’ll be a good long while till we get it in English.

Till then, here’s the teaser: