The two devices are part of the company’s Republic of Gamers line.

The water-cooled ROG GX800 is armed with double GeForce GPUs in SLI and a K-series Intel processor, with a mechanical keyboard and liquid-cooled docking station to allow overclocking of the GPU, CPU, and DRAM – ASUS says they built the system to provide desktop like performance while retaining mobile form factor.

The compact desktop is the ROG G31 Edition 10, featuring GTX 1080 graphics cards in dual SLI configuration and proprietary ASUS 3D vapour-chamber thermal technology to keep the case quiet and cool. The desktop also comes with an ESS audio DAC to and amplifier headphone jack to deliver high fidelity audio to your gaming headset of choice.

Republic of Gamers is the gaming arm of Taiwan-based ASUS, and has been active since 2006. The division manufactures hardware, peripherals, and accessories as well as desktops and high end laptops.