Asus very recently revealed three new members of their Cerberus gaming lineup, a brand new keyboard, gaming mouse and mousepad to complete the set.

First up is the Cerberus Gaming Keyboard, which is manufactured using a full SECC (Electrogalvanized cold-rolled steel) metal plate to make it robust enough to handle drawn out gaming sessions. The keyboard is also apparently splash proof, which is probably thanks to a drainage hole drilled somewhere on the board.

Like many gaming keyboards, the Cerberus board has 12 programmable macro keys and rubberised feet. Interestingly, the keyboard doesn’t use mechanical switches but instead uses a membrane type.

Also, you won’t be getting a full spectrum of colour options here but you can set the board with an option of red and blue.

asus_cerberus mouse

Next up is the Cerberus gaming mouse. Featuring an ambidextrous design and an optical sensor that’s sensitive up to 2500 DPI you’ve got a pretty versatile mouse. You also get a four-stage DPI switch with an indicator to show the current setting as well as rubber grips for the most sweaty handed gamers among us.

asus cerberus mousepad


If you have a mouse, you’ll need a mousepad. The Cerberus gaming mousepad is made with a special textured surface derived from heavy, woven fabric. They’ve even reinforced the edges with embroidery to ensure it lasts longer. It even comes  with a cool design to match the rest of your Cerberus gear.

Sadly we won’t know when we’ll be able to get our hands on these new bits of gear, and neither did we get any indicator of pricing so we guess we’ll just have to wait for an official local announcement.