With Attack on Titan 2 coming to multiple platforms, a whole bunch of things is coming to the sequel, including “scarier Titans”.

The sequel to Omega Force’s Attack on Titan game will have some more story for the fans, and will focus on the anime’s second season.

The game is set to debut on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Attack on Titan 2 will continue to build on the foundation of its predecessor, but with more challenging battles and a higher difficulty level. Producer Hisashi Koinuma explains:

“Because we really focused on the anime fans, the difficulty level [for Attack on Titan] was a little easier than what traditional game fans are used to,” he adds, “The threatening menace of the titans wasn’t as strong, so for the second game we’re currently working on that.

Which means they’ll be buffing up the Titan’s enemy AI, giving them more variation to well, make them scarier to put players on edge. But don’t worry if you think they’re going to make it too tough, as there will be a few different difficulty levels for players to choose from.

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force have been keeping mum on gameplay details and release date for Attack on Titan 2, but they promise more will be revealed soon.