Hanging on for dear life

4 December 2014 will be a good date for Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan’s fans.


The Japanese release of 3DS game of the franchise, namely Shingeki no Kyojin: Jinrui Saigo no Tsubasa Chain or The Last Wings of Mankind Chain by Spike Chunsoft will make a debut. Check out their promo video below, showcasing new missions and elements from the multiplayer gameplay mode.

The release is priced at JPY4980 (RM146) for the s0tandalone version or additional JPY2000 (RM59) for an upgrade from the previous release. New content includes new stages, more titans, new missions, weapons, artwork,  characters and voice acting.

The first game follows the anime story strictly, beginning from the year 845 when Titans first attacked the humans. The player controls Eren first, then as the game progresses, the entire Reconnaissance Corps members will become playable. The first game ends where the anime ended in terms of storyline.

The gameplay emphasises on swinging arcs — a player can vary their attacks via cutting angles from a simple double cut for a horizontal attack to somersaulting buzzsaw-like attack for a vertical one. For defence, player can time it right to become spinning ball of death or attempt a counter-attack.

If you’re successful in executing a good move, you’ll be rewarded with a slow-mo ‘money shot.’ The terrain also plays a huge part in the game — normal urban or forest is suitable for aerial swinging attacks whereas on the plain grass field, you have to rely on the horse to evade Titans and you’re limited to performing low attacks.

There’s a single player mode where you can play the progression of the story for each character and a World mode where you’re able to team up with three more players. The World mode rewards with better weapons and manoeuvre gear, but it will require constant grinding to get it.

Source: Official Game Site