Monster hunter

The Attack on Titan and Monster Hunter Explore mobile game collaboration has launched, and on top of Survey Corps and Garrison costumes, we’re getting actual titan-sized monsters.

At the moment, Arzuros will appear in the game in “large” and “ultra large” sizes, each with an increased difficulty and Deviljho will be a steam spouting skinless creature much like the colossal titan.

Monster Hunter

The Monster Hunter series pretty much focuses around hunting a large variety of monsters to collect materials to craft armor, weapons and well; just hunt. So being able to hunt monsters on an even larger scale is a pretty cool prospect. It doesn’t look like there are going to be more “titan version” monsters as of yet, but this might change in later updates.

You can check out the gameplay below:

Monster Hunter Explore is already available for download on Android and iOS but it seems that an English port isn’t coming anytime soon. The game is free on both platforms but with in-app purchases as an option.