Season 3 of Attack on Titan will be hitting small screens in 2018, which is exactly what we need since the final season of Game of Thrones will only be out in 2019. In the meantime, Attack on Titan creator,  Hajime Isayam is teasing fans with a new survey corps sketch. 

Check out the awesome sketch below:

The sketch shows some of the fan favourite survey corps members such as Eren Yeager, Captain Levi, Armin, Mikasa, etc. And as discovered in Season 2 of Attack on Titan, some of these members are actually Titans themselves.

The biggest mystery of Attack on Titan is who’s creating all these human titans and why? It’s frustrating and also a joy to watch the show because we’re just as lost as all the lead characters, learning new things as the show moves along. Seriously, if you’ve not caught Attack on Titan, you should! I know, it’s easy to say, “Urgh, ANIMEs are lame.” I get it, I was like that too. Attack on Titan is a different beast, though.