This article contains possible future spoilers for the Attack on Titan anime. 

Fan theories are a big part of geeky properties. From the Eagles fan theory in Lord of the Rings all the way to what can be considered as the most popular fan theory in geekdom, of all time, Game of Thrones’ R+L=J. Sometimes these theories are confirmed, like in the case of Game of Thrones. Sometimes, these theories remain just that: theories.

A few hours ago, a major Attack on Titan fan theory was confirmed. Armin has been one of the more interesting characters on Attack on Titan. While he started off a little annoying, very much like Samwell Tarly from GOT, he slowly but surely started to prove his worth as the show went on. But Armin’s parentage has always remained a mystery.

We know that he’s an orphan. But the manner in which his parents died have always been kept under wraps. Sure it has been mentioned in passing. In the manga, Armin’s parents are said to have been killed on after being sent to reclaim Wall Maria. The obvious answer would be, they were eaten by Titans. However fans begged to differ. What if it isn’t that simple? What if there’s more?

According to the new publication, Armin’s parents were actually killed by the MILITARY POLICE after both of them tried to go beyond the walls via a hot air balloon. #Theplotthickens

Attack on Titan has always been about so much more than just giant Titans eating humans for breakfast, and this confirmation proves exactly that. Why are the elite group so hell bent on keeping people within those walls? We’ll just have to wait an find out.