The Audi e-tron E8
The Audi e-tron R8

German automobile maker, Audi is working on a design that will rival the famous Tesla Model S. The car is based on technology borrowed from Audi’s R8 e-Tron and the company claims that it’s targeting a range of 450km which is more or less the same as the Tesla Model S.

Professor Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, technical development head at Audi said the model will be ready for the road in 2017. “Such a car is under development,” Hackenberg add on, “I was able to reengineer the R8 e-tron project and technology with the team and we are on the way to a range of 450km (280 miles). Let’s say that technology will also be carried over and is a trailer for another car with long range. It is under development and will be in the market for around 2017 but it will not be a sports car.”

The Audi A3 e-tron plug
The Audi A3 e-tron plug

So far, it is not known if the upcoming model will be under Audi model range or will be completely new on its own. The German company reveals that they developed a very efficient electrical motor that is 5 more times efficient compared to current motors right now.

Source: Auto Express

Image credit Wikimedia