ATH-CKS550iS_1Not too long ago Audio-Technica updated their line of Solid Bass audio devices, aiming at giving you more options for a healthy dose of well, bass. This time around we got the Audio-Technica ATH-CKS550iS Solid Bass In Ear Headphones for testing and this is what we think about it.

Made with mobile users in mind, these earbuds are pretty much designed for use with smartphones and for those who travel.

Build and design

In terms of looks, the headphones do get a bit of style points; featuring the series’ signature logo carved in metal. You get the choice of five colours, namely Blue, Black/Gold, Red, White and plain Black.

If you want to talk about specs, the ATH-CKS550iS sports 9.8mm diameter drivers with a frequency range of 5 – 24,000Hz, impedance of 40 ohm and a Bass Venting System for better air dampening.


Out of the box you get the earphones as well as a small storage pouch and a standard set of three earbuds, for a grand total of four including the pair that’s already on device.

We tried the default set of earbuds that were already on the earphones (because I have rather small ear canals) and found that they were quite a snug fit. They also provided for a pretty good seal against outside noise as well, muffling out the louder, more annoying noises on the street.

The earphones also comes with a flat cable measuring in at the standard 1.2m, that makes it easier to roll up and store without it tangling up. On said cable you will also find an in-line mic and control, but no volume control buttons though. The buttons instead controls the play mode and is used for answering calls, with the cable terminating in a 3.5mm gold plated plug.

Sound Quality


As for audio quality, the earbuds are relatively good. The sound stage does feel a bit on the narrow side and the mids aren’t particularly rich but those are the only downsides we found to the earphones.

The highs however are nice and crisp, with the bass enjoyably punchy without becoming overbearing for heavier tracks. I’m not a particularly big fan of very low and heavy bass so I did like this quite a lot, and I’m hoping its a standard feature across their whole range.


Everything in, the headphones perform pretty well for its pricepoint, The passive noise isolation is good, its comfortable and it sounds great for the most part.

So unless you’re not a fan of heavier bass you might want to check this set of earphones out.

The Audio-Technica ATH-CKS5505iS Solid Bass In Ear Headphones retail for RM 229, you can check out the official product page here.