Autistic Artist Tokukatsu Malaysia

It’s amazing that despite the challenges that people with special needs face, many are able to showcase talents beyond what is expected of them. In the case of 18-year old autistic student Muhammad Amsyar Anas Ramlee, it’s his drawing talents that have managed to impress many Malaysians.

The Merbok Special Education Secondary School student’s artwork focuses mainly on his favourite heroes which are of the Tokusatsu genres and these include Kamen Riders (also known as Masked Riders), Super Sentai (the Power Rangers) and Ultraman.

His artwork came to Malaysian citizen’s attention via a Facebook post made by a teacher of his, Nurul Izani Ainun, as she was impressed by the sheer amount of artwork he did in his exercise book.

Kamen Rider artwork Autistic student Malaysia
Muhammad Amsyar Anas Ramlee showing the larger Kamen Rider artwork he has dones

“From the beginning of the year, I already knew he loved drawing but I couldn’t imagine the collection he had. I’ve always seen the bigger superheroes he has drawn, but when I saw the sheer amount of smaller drawings he did, I immediately asked to take pictures and post it on Facebook,” said the Computer Literacy teacher in an interview with mstar online.

Kamen Rider Malaysian Autistic Student artwork
The smaller Kamen Rider artwork that Muhammad Amsyar Anas Ramlee drew

Although they may be different from normal students, Nurul said that autistic students or students with learning difficulties may be behind their normal peers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have talents and strengths of their own. And that is especially so in the case of Muhammad Amsyar.

Considering the amount of Tokusatsu heroes he has drawn, it also shows just how passionate he is about them and we do hope he continues doing more! Check out the rest of his artwork in the gallery below.

Images taken from Nurul Izani’s Facebook