Many fans love feline ears (nekomimi), especially anime fans who seems to unable to get enough of it.

Now an American company, Axent Wear, are showcasing a prototype product that are shaped like them and they’re called the Cat Ear Headphones. Last year around June, the company went on a crowd funding campaign to get the funding for the device and was a major success. The project had amassed US$3.4 million, way above of its initial modest goal of US$250,000.



The company also picked up a partner in this project, Brookstone, and the gadget retailer which will be overseeing development and customer service. The prototype shown in video is emitting blue colour lights but Axent Wear said the commercial version will be offered in red, green and purple colour options too. The ears are not merely a decoration, they actually house external speakers and it is loud enough to be heard by anyone within range. According to the company, the headphone themselves are powerful enough to satisfy audiophiles too. When it is not in use, the headphone pieces can be rotated to lie completely flat on user’s head.


However this nifty product does not have a date of release yet, but Brookstone and Axent Wear mentions that another “update” is coming in few weeks time and they hope the product will be finally ready for commercial market. Expected retail price is around US$170 – US$225 (RM$648 – RM$858).


Via Axent Wear Indiegogo page & Youtube

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