Marvel has announced that our favourite woodsy alien hero is getting his very own comic series.

Groot gained major popularity with Guardians of the Galaxy, and with him being turned into this adorable tiny form at the end of the first movie (and gaining mobility in the second) it’s hard to not be taken in by his cuteness.

The series will be titled “I Am Groot” and will be focusing on well, teensy Groot while he’s stranded on a strange world, as he tries to find his way back to his team in Guardians of the Galaxy. The art will be handled by artist Flaviano, who has also worked on DC Comic’s Grayson, Harley Quinn and Powergirl, Power Man and Iron Fist.


Here’s the synopsis:

When the Guardians of the Galaxy get caught in a wormhole, a smaller-than-normal Groot is separated billions of light-years away from the team. Falling to a planet below, Groot discovers he is on an entirely alien and unknown world full of strange creatures and societies. Seriously underdeveloped and with nobody who can understand him, Groot will need to make the journey to the center of this world and find the way back to his family!

I Am Groot‘s first issue will be out sometime this May, pretty close to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ‘s 5 May release date.