Remember that old a*s cartoon from the early 60s about a family living in the future? Well, just like everything else that is old, Hollywood is remaking The Jetsons too. 

Set in 2068, The Jetsons is pretty much the future parallel to The Flinstones. And, according to TV LineWarner Bros is currently working on remaking this cartoon, except this time it’s going to be a LIVE-ACTION SITCOM. While I’m generally not a fan of remakes, The Jetsons cartoon merely ran for one year and it isn’t exactly a classic. The idea of a The Jetsons live-action sitcom does peak my interest, especially considering who’s currently attached to this project.

Robert Zemeckis is all set to Executive Produce! Zemeckis is the genius who directed the classic film Back to the Future, and while he won’t be directing The Jetsons live-action sitcom, I’m confident he will be providing a fair share of creative opinions.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any further information as of now, but here’s the intro song of the original cartoon.