Who doesn’t know these little digital pets that Bandai brought to the world to demand our attention and clean up their poop? Bandai is, in fact, re-releasing their original Tamagotchi, as it was 20 years ago.

The new Tamagotchi was launched in Japan, to be distributed through Amazon. While the product itself hasn’t actually gone away, and has gone through many new iterations of itself (colour screens being one) this one will have its classic black and white screen with their classic designs.

The only big difference you’ll find here is that they’re half the size of their original counterparts.

For those unfamiliar with the virtual pet phenomenon, Tamagotchi basically lets you care for a little creature as it grows up and you tend to its needs. Tamagotchi in particular changes forms as it grows, so it’ll be interesting to see what exactly you get as you raise your little critter.

But the devices won’t be released worldwide though, as the Tamagotchis will only be sold in Japan for about 2000 yen (about RM 80). There will likely be grey importers but if you really want them and happen to have a friend in Japan, why not ask them to pick one up for you.