If you’ve ever wanted to bring Summer Lesson‘s Hikari Miyamoto to life, Bandai Namco will be producing a human sized figure of your virtual reality girlfriend student.

The statue measures in at 165cm (hey that’s taller than me) and she will be wearing her school uniform. This is the company’s second “human sized” figure project, and she’s estimated to come in at a whopping US$25,736 (about RM 114,319).

If the price is too much for you, there’s always the S.H Figuarts Zero version (costs about RM 373 after conversion) which will be available in August, which comes with a swimsuit code for the game.

The game itself basically allows you to interact with Hikari as you act as her summer tutor over the course of seven-days.

The English subbed version of the game will be hitting the SEA region as a digital download in early 2017.