Bandai Namco recently announced that they’re going to open up a virtual reality “experience center” in Tokyo this April. What for? to get feedback on how to better their VR sims.

It will be called “VR Zone: Project I Can” and will give people the chance to test out the latest VR goodies without having to pay a cent. All Bandai Namco wants from you is feedback on the simulations.

For those able to test it out, there will be six games to try your hand at:

Fear of Heights Show: Rescue a cat located on a thin wooden plank 650ft above the ground.

Ski Rodeo: A ski simulation with high cliffs

Real Drive: Drive a sports car on a circuit

Escape Ward Omega: A horror game in a giant abandoned hospital

Train Meister: A simulation that puts you in control of a train on the Yamanote Line

Argyle Shift: A mecha battle simulation where you and your co-pilot take on another giant robot.

You can check out the teaser video below, so if you happen to be in Tokyo this April, go try it out!