Rejoice! Bandai has just unleashed the 100th kit of its Master Grade line. And this time it’s Syd Mead’s Gundam.

Turn A Gundam possesses perhaps one of the most devastating weapons in Gundam’s arsenal which is called the Moonlight Butterfly. Now, Premium Bandai is unleashing the 1/100 scale MG of this particular mode of Turn A Gundam.

Moonlight Butterfly is the nanomachine attack that shows itself as a giant pair of sparkling butterfly wings and it decimates any high technology it comes in contact with into sand in its wake. That is why the Earth is pushed back to 18-19th century in the story of the series.

The body of this particular gunpla is reproduced with the shimmer of nanomachines via pear and metallic molding so it reflecting multi-coloured lights from various angles.

The Master Grade Turn A Gundam “Moonlight Butterfly” is priced around 5940 yen (RM178) and it is available only through the Premium Bandai’s online store. The wings can be purchased as separate accessory for 1944 yen (RM58). Now imagine the Perfect Grade version of this.

Check out the images below:


Via animeanime

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