Bandai’s cosmetic’s arm, Creer Beaute has just revealed a new Sailor Moon inspired cosmetic, and it looks a lot like Guerlain’s Meteorites.

The Pretty Guardians Colour Powder is the latest in their line of Miracle Romance cosmetics, that run the gamut of eyeliner, lipstick, brushes, eyeshadow and a variety of powder compacts.

The container is styled after The Silver Crystal which appears in Sailor Moon’s story, and each of the five-color face powder’s “balls” are inspired by each of the Inner Senshi. The powder also contains five types of moisturizing ingredients, and once applied will create a transparent glow on the skin.

The powder is available for pre-order at 4,860 yen (about RM182) which open this week, with orders expected to ship in December.

You probably won’t be able to purchase refills for the powder, but you’ll have a seriously pretty collector’s case once it’s done with.