Bandai’s official Twitter account announced the unveilling of an 1/6 scale new Valkyrie from upcoming Macross Delta during the Tamashii Nations 2015 exhibition.

It will take place at two locations – the “Robot Frontier” at the Akibahara UDX Building and “Figure Frontier” at Belle Salle Akibahara. It is scheduled for display from 31 October to 1 November this year, right after the live conference on Macross Delta which is set on 29 October. Fans can take the opportunity to pose with the statue according to the announcement.

Shoji Kawamori will be giving a briefing during “‘Chō Jikū'” Seisaku Happyōkai” (“The Super Dimension” Production Unveiling) on who will be the new staff, the winner of massive idol audition that was held last year December which attracted 8000 applicants and new characters of Macross Delta.

We can barely wait for more details, so stay tuned as we will follow the press conference on 29th October closely.