Ribena Malaysian Recall

Everyone loves Ribena but if you’ve recently bought a bottle of it, you might want to pay attention to this piece of news. Suntory, the Japanese beverage company that owns Ribena has issued a recall for some of the popular cordial drink in Malaysia.

The official reason given for the recall was because of a “manufacturing error”.

“We wish to announce that during a routine quality check in our factory, we found one error in our manufacturing process,” said Suntory’s regional general manager for Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore Lee Hon Tong in a press statement.

However, aside from the mention of a “manufacturing error”, no other details were given, including what errors might be the cause of the recall. Whatever, the case though, it might be better to be safe than sorry and not consume these particular batches of Ribena:

  • Ribena Cordial Blackcurrant (May until August 2018)
  • Ribena Cordial Blackcurrant and Glucose (May until August 2018)
  • Ribena Cordial Blackcurrant and Strawberry (February until March 2018)
  • Ribena Cordial Blackcurrant and Blueberry (February until March 2018)
  • Ribena Cordial Blackcurrant and Apple (April until May 2018)

According to Suntory, not every bottle from the specified batches are affected. However, they do advise that if it looks unusual, tastes or smells sour, or if you’re just in doubt of the quality of the product, don’t drink it.

And if you’ve noticed a bit of a shortage of Ribena in your local convenience store, try not to fret too much. Suntory has temporarily stopped deliveries for all Ribena cordial drinks from its factory in Shah Alam to its distributors and trading partners until the matter is resolved.

Suntory has insisted that the safety of consumers is its priority and that it “constantly monitors and checks all information related to its product in a safe and effective way”.

For those of you who might have ended up with some of the affected bottles, you can call Ribena Malaysia’s customer hotline at 1800 88 6200 for more information on what to do with the affected bottles. Alternatively can also contact Suntory via email at mysuntory@suntory.com or PM Ribena Malaysia’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RibenaMalaysia/.