A plan for every contingency


JLA:Tower Of Babel

While the previous two examples expose Batman’s compulsion for planning for all eventualities, they both owe a lot to the earlier Tower of Babel storyline from the Justice League of America comic, which showed that even when not directly involved Batman can take down almost anyone, including Superman and all the other Justice League members.

While the main story line storyline revolves around Batman’s enemy Ra’s al Ghul’s disabling humanity’s capacity for language and writing, plunging the world into a dark age in order to “thin the herd”, Ra’s tries to prevent interference from the league by stealing Batman’s parents bodies from their graves and using secret plans to take down each member of the Justice League, plans drawn up by Batman himself based upon his intimate knowledge of each hero.

Batman doesn’t even have to throw a punch but in the eventuality that Superman goes rogue he had planned to disable Superman by exposing him to red kryptonite, which rather than paralysing or de-powering Superman, making his skin transparent.

This may seem like an odd way to disable Superman, but without his skin protecting his bodies super cells from “Earth’s Yellow Sun” he becomes dangerously overpowered and it takes all his concentration just to keep his powers under control.

The effect eventually wears off, however the lack of trust in Batman by the other league members does not, and once Ra’s plan are thwarted, Batman leaves the Justice League.