Superman vs batman Funko Pop main

It’s still a couple of weeks away from the premiere of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice but if you’re looking to get your grubby hands on some figurines, the Funko POP!s are now available in Malaysia, courtesy of The Loot Chest.

When Funko first announced the figurines, there were a total of six different figures, Flying Superman, Batman, Knightmare Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Superman Soldier. The Loot Chest is carrying all six of these figures and a special Blue Aquaman figurine.

Funko loot chest batman vs superman

Sales of the Funko POP!s began on 26 February at The Loot Chest and they are the first retail outlet to stock them in Malaysia. The normal Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice POPs are retailing at RM61.10 while the special Blue Aquaman POP will retail for RM89.70.

They are also offering a special launch promotion till 28 February were buyers will receive a 5% discount whenever they purchase any three Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice POP, or a 10% discount if they purchase six. And if you’re on of the first 50 customers to purchase three or more of the POPs, you will also receive a 10% discount voucher on top of the discounts.

So if you’re itching for more Funko POPs to add to your collection, you might want to hurry over. From what we heard, the first 50 slots are yet to be filled.