Batman Vs Superman: Kryptonite interceptor Lego box

With the new Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer just released, we’re pretty sure some of you are pretty hyped up about the movie. Lego isn’t resting on their laurels either when it comes to the hype as the official images of the first Batman Vs Superman Lego set has been unveiled.

The first of the movie tie-in sets is called Kryptonite Interception and has the model number 76045 attached to it. And although there’s Kryptonite involved in this particular set, you won’t be seeing the Man of Steel anywhere around. Instead, Kryptonite Interception is more of a Batman Lego set, with a build of the Batmobile from the movie together with a Ben Affleck Batman minifig. Also included in the set are another two minfigs of Lexcorp henchmen and a Lexcorp forklift.

The Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Kryptonite Interceptor (76045) Lego set is expected to be retailing at US$29.99 and is expected to be released in March 2016.

Batman VS Superman Lego Kryptonite interceptor set