It seems a lot of people are up in arms as many think that Beauty and the Beast have been “shelved” or perceivably cancelled, despite the go-ahead from Malaysian censors. Well, you guys can chill out for now as The Walt Disney Company (Malaysia) has reiterated that the movie has not been “shelved” and merely postponed as per their original statement yesterday.

The confusion about the movie status stemmed from a report by the Associated Press that came out earlier claiming that the movie was shelved in Malaysia despite local censors approving the movie. The news was picked up by a few other news outlets, including Malaysiakini which further spread the confusion.

However, according to a report by The Star, The Walt Disney Company (Malaysia) has come up to clear the confusion and to reiterate what they have already said the day before; that the movie has not been cancelled and is postponed indefinitely while it awaits an internal review for a new release date.

“Our stand remains that the movie release is postponed. (The) release date is undergoing internal review,” according to a statement by a Disney representative to The Star.

So yes, just chill for the moment as it ain’t over till fat lady says “CANCELLED”. We’re pretty sure The Walt Disney Company (Malaysia) will not be cancelling such a major movie release here in Malaysia, especially since it has already gotten the local censor’s approval. They are likely just planning a suitable time for the new release date since it does take some time to reschedule release plans.

All we have to do now is just be patient and wait until The Walt Disney Company (Malaysia) officially announces their new release date and by then, we’ll all be happy right?