The Hollywood style poster of the anime series
The Hollywood style poster of the anime series

Studio Trigger, the fellas who are known for the famous Kill la Kill series is bringing us another ridiculous, hot blooded and exaggerated action series Ninja Slayer for Spring 2015. Allegedly it was “written” by two American writers, Bradley Bond and Philip Ninj@ Morzez, it is translated into Japanese with their permission by Enterbrain using Twitter back in 2012. When it became popular enough, Enterbrain compiled the Twitter entries into eight volumes and adapted it into three mangas, with currently 300,000 copies of the light novel is printed so far which means it is pretty popular with the readers in Japan. Many readers love it for it’s totally distorted view on Japanese culture and very peculiar way of speaking by the characters in the story.

Now we have the anime.

The story is based on Neo Saitama, the futuristic cyberpunk city of Japan. A normal salaryman, Kenji Fujikido is just living his life happily with his family but suddenly his family got butchered by ninjas during a turfwar. Enraged, he merged with a soul of dead super-ninja named Naraku Ninja and becomes a huge nightmare for the other ninjas. The more they resonate with each other, the more powerful their symbiotic relationship will be. With this, they both cut a swathe of destruction and death into ranks of ninjas in future Japan.

Sounds like something up Studio Trigger’s alley, though no announcement on casting and staff is known yet except for the director will be Akira Amemiya (Kill la Kill, Medaka Box) and music in the trailer sang by Kenji Fujisawa and Hiroshi Motofuji. So what do you think of it, comment below and let us know.

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