One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Star Wars: The Last Jedi is regarding Benicio Del Toro’s character? Who will he be playing? A hero or a villain? Will he be force sensitive? Is he playing a completely new character or a character already established in the novels and comics? 

Before principal photography started, Del Toro hinted in an interview that will be playing a villain. However, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Del Toro had this to say:

I don’t know if he’s a villain. People are saying that, but it’s like they read a different script than I read.

Gee, thanks for that contradicting piece of information, Del Toro.

As reported by EW, we do know that Del Toro plays a man that goes by the initials DJ. What exactly that stands for, we will never know until the movie is out this December. For now, all we can do is speculate.

On the plus side, we now have the official one-liner on Benicio Del Toro’s character.

DJ is an enigmatic figure whose tattered, threadbare clothes and lackadaisical attitude conceal a sharp mind and expert skills.