ZOWIE GEAR is freshing its entire product lineup to reflect their new logo as well as some changes in their designs to align with BenQ’s gaming monitor branding.

For those unfamiliar with the ZOWIE GEAR brand, it came about in 2008 to produce some of the best competitive gaming gear possible.

The new ZOWIE products will be released with a new red logo and packaging but a couple of the devices will be getting a minor upgrade as well. The ZOWIE ZA, ZOWIE FK and ZOWIE EC series in particular are getting new OMRON 20mil switches as well as a 16 step scroll wheel.

The SR mousepad series on the other hand will now be sporting fully black colours and stitched edges like the TF-X series. Finally, the CAMADE will be available in a new black and red colourscheme to match the new mice colours.

The SR mousepad series will now be fully black and will have stitched edges, just like the TF-X series. The CAMADE will be released in black/red with the new logo to align with the new colors of the mice.

The products will sport their new colours and upgrades starting this December, and you can find them here or check out the gallery below: