Berserk is making a comeback as it’s just been announced that it will return as a monthly instalment in Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine.

The magazine is currently running its 13th issue, and the new chapter of Kentarou Miura’s Beserk Manga will begin 24 June 2016, with the manga to make an appearance in every other issue (Young Animal is a bi-weekly publication).


The 13th issue will also be republishing the manga’s first chapter, with a 100-page Beserk separate annexe that will include info from the anime.

Miura had originally resumed the manga as a monthly since July last year, but it got put on hiatus when the anime project was announced in December. The series will continue running but with a more irregular publishing schedule. Better than not having it at all we guess!

The anime series is set to premiere 1 July 2016 in Japan, with the series to be streamed by Crunchyroll.