Life without apps would be tedious and absolutely not interesting. Moreover, it would be silly. Why? Because apps can be really helpful in everyday life. Especially, they are valuable when travelling abroad. But what apps are the best for travelling overseas or wherever? Let’s review some of them.

1. Travel list

         Do you forget some of your belongings sometimes? Travel list app can help you to forget about this trait of character. How? It is designed in a way it reminds you about the things you should carry in your luggage. Moreover, if it is set, it can remind you about the things that should be packed in the last minute. Besides, it is able to assist you in the planning of every stop, so that you will not forget anything.

2. Google Translate

If the language of the country you travel to sounds unfamiliar to you, this app can really help. It can translate out of 103 languages. Moreover, if you point your camera to the street sign or whatever word, it will translate it for you. However, you should note that this translation will not be ideal, but it is better than nothing.

3. Amount app

Counting may not be a strong point of yours so in order to avoid embarrassing situations it will be perfect to use this tool. It can help you when converting from one currency to another, measuring the amount of food, fuel consumption, and even the sizes of clothes that you would like to buy. Therefore, if Maths was not your favourite lesson at school, this app will be essential for you.

5. Google Maps

This is an important app if you are in an unknown place. It may show you how to get to the places you need (restaurants, hotels, etc.).  Also, it features GPS navigation so that you will not be lost no matter where you are.

6. AccuWeather

The weather is very important wherever you travel to. This app is very useful. It is translated into 100 various languages. Moreover, it can give you a minute by the minute weather forecast.

7. Foodspotting

This app will be helpful for those who like to eat a lot. In fact, this app provides you with feedback regarding the food the clients ate in the local cafes and restaurants. People leave their comments and photos of the food they tasted there. So you will know exactly how it looks and tastes.

8. Seat Alert

This app can help you get the place on a plane, which is the most suitable for you. How? When the seat in a plane becomes available, the app sends you an alert so that you can book it as soon as possible. Hence, you will only have to get connected to the airport administration.


All in all, if you are travelling last minute Business Class, these apps will be useful for you. In order to make your trip more comfortable, just spend some time downloading the apps. They won’t cost you a lot, or take a lot of time, but will be very practical.