Big Order/ビッグオーダー , an ongoing manga series by Mirai Nikki‘s (Future Dairy) mangaka, Sakae Esuno receives a confirmation that a TV anime series adaptation is on.

First, an OVA/OAD episode has been announced, which will be bundled with a limited edition tankubon volume 8 released on 26th October 2015. Now, the standard tankubon volume 8 comes with the news that a TV anime series is coming for spring 2016. The manga has been ongoing since 2011.

Studio Asread (Ga Rei Zero, Mirai Nikki) is producing the series with Nobuharu Kamanaka debuts as the full time director while series composition is by Katsuhiko Takayama (Aldnoah Zero, Boku no Pico). Chika Kojima (Mirai Nikki) is responsible for the character design. The cast of the OVA/OAD single shot is Shiori Mikami (Amagi Brilliant Park!, Hyouka) and Masakazu Morita (Bakuman, Arslan Senki). It is not known if the cast will continue their roles in the TV series.

Official synopsis of Big Order:

The story centers on a high school boy Eiji Hoshimiya. 10 years ago, by requesting a power to rule the world from mysterious girl named DAISY, he became the most powerful psychic “Order” and unintentionally destroyed most of the world. After the mass destruction, he has hidden his power and has tried to live only quietly. But a bishoujo girl named Rin Kurenai appears to kill him for revenge of her parents’ death caused by him. During the fight with her, Eiji remembers that his true wish was world peace, not its destruction. He once again decides to rule the world with his power for eternal peace.”

Check out the promo trailer for the OVA/OAD: