The cover for DVD/Blu-ray

Still remember Bikini Warriors/ビキニ・ウォリアーズ,  that very in-your-face fan-service fantasy anime that just concluded few weeks ago?

Well, looks like there is a mysterious episode 13 that is briefly hinted in the end of episode 12 which the producers said it is a bit too hot for TV (we do wonder about what exactly is “too hot for TV” considering the show’s current reputation)

Hobby Japan and Megahouse are the partners in making the parody series and they announced the disc will be out on 9 December 2015 with price of 5980 Yen (about RM 209) for DVD and 6890 Yen (RM 240) for the Blu-ray version.

The anime visual
The anime visual

The package illustration of Bikini Warriors is drawn by Onigiri-kun (Alice Soft) who is famous for character designs/graphic works for Beat Angel Escalayer and Choukou Sennin Haruka adult bishoujo titles.

According to Hobby Japan in the press statement, “It is natural to provide something you don’t usually see to the purchasers.”