Black Clover is considered one of the more popular titles to come out of Shounen Jumpfilling in a gap that’s been left by Naruto and Fairy Tail since both tiles have ended their run in the weekly manga magazine. So it’s no surprise that after an anime adaptation has been made, we’re now seeing a gaming title for it as well.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has recently announced Black Clover: Quartet Knights, a third-person magic shooting game, set in the world of the new anime and manga series. It’ll  be available for both the PlayStation 4 AND PC via STEAM in 2018.

The game enables players to form their own ultimate Magic Knights Squads to challenge rivals in cooperative battles with friends. It’ll feature a unique combination of third-person shooting and magic combat and players can create balanced and diverse teams of four using complementary player types that include attack, defence, and support specialisations.

Aside from that though, there’s still very little we know about the game, though a trailer for it has already been released. So if you want to know more, check out Asta and gang duking it out in the new game trailer for Black Clover: Quartet Knights below.