Black Clover is one of the most anticipated anime for the Fall 2017 season and with good reason. It’s so far been one of the most popular manga series in Shonen Jump, almost as far as being an anchor series now that Fairy Tale has ended its run.

So there’s no question that there’s a lot of excitement over it being turned into a anime series. However, with the release of the first episode, Black Clover seems to have run into some problems with some fans.

And it’s not a small problem either as it’s got to do with the voice acting of the main character Asta. It seems that many fans have found the voice acting for the main character of Black Clover annoying, to say the least.

Fans have gone on Twitter voicing their dissatisfaction at Asta’s voice acting and mind you, you usually only get this kind of response for bad voice dubbing, not when it’s in its original Japanese dialogue.

It’s true that Asta’s character in the manga has been portrayed as being loud and spunky, but his voice is seen as not being full-on screechy. That doesn’t seem to be the case for the anime though.

It seems that the voice actor this time isn’t Shun Horie, who voiced Asta in the OVA but Kajiwara Gakuto, a relative newcomer in voice acting. His only known roles so far were in Eromanga Sensei and Monster Strike the Anime (ONA 2) and those were not main roles but as extras. So this would be considered his first main role in an anime.

Of course, this is still the first episode of the series so we could see a gradual improvement as the series progresses. Also, considering that eventually, Asta matures a bit more as the series progresses, there is a possibility that eventually his annoying voice improves as well. Hopefully, that is.

An earlier published version of this article credited Shun Horie as the voice actor for Asta in the TV series. We amended the article as he was the voice actor for the OVA and not the TV series. Thanks to Mohd Wafir for pointing that out.