The hero in question
The hero in question
The hero in question

In the eSports arena of MOBA Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard decided to ban Zeratul (Starcraft Protoss Dark Templar) from professional tourneys for now.

Pundits guessed it is because of some sort of bug that allows the already stealthy assassin to shoot across great distances on a map with lightning speed. The mortifying bit for the game developer was this exploit got discovered during a professional matchup. This particular bug affects a special move called “Shadow Assault”. In the default mode, this ability overclocks Zeratul for few seconds – attack speed goes up by 20 percent and he will leap forward to his target for attacks.

During the matchup between South Korean MVP Black against the Russian, fans started to notice something strange about the Korean controlled Zeratul. Instead of short distance leaps, this particular Zeratul was literally “zooming” across the map. It could be triggered by changing Zeratul’s target at the exact timing in the middle of the charge.

Blizzard fears this seriously can cause imbalance in the match and thus pulled the plug on the character.

Despite the counter-arguments that this exploit is hard to pull off and should be left in the game, Blizzard will not entertain it and announced a fix to remedy this exploit soon.

via Kotaku

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