Blizzard has finally converted the characters from their free-to-play MOBA Heroes of the Storm into action figures, and they look fantastic.

Produced by NECA, who also made this fantastic figure of Diablo from Diablo III, the company will cover the gamut of the game’s iconic characters in the form of six-inch highly articulated figurines; all 34 of them, and NECA is intending to make figures for all of them even including skins and the odd surprise variant.


The first wave of figures will consist of Arthas, Illidan Stormrage and Stitches from World of Warcraft, Nova from StarCraft and Tyrael from Diablo. The basic figures will be released in pairs (two figures at once) starting with Nova and Illidan in early summer 2015 with the larger sized Stitches being released as his own Deluxe figure. It would be safe to say that Tyrael and Arthas might be released as a pair package as well.

As it is the figures already look incredibly detailed and we can barely wait to see the real deal for ourselves. The toys will be debuted this weekend at the Toy Fair 2015 at New York City.


By the way, Blizzard is still accepting sign-ups for the Heroes of the Storm beta.