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TorrentFreak has reported that new and yet to be released Sony Pictures movies are available on torrent, possibly linked to the massive hack during Thanksgiving last week. Fury starring Brad Pitt, a World War 2 war movie that was released in October is the most notable casualty but there are more.

DVD quality, possibly preview or advanced screener copies of Annie, Still Alice, To Write Love on Her Arms and Mr. Turner are also suspected victims of the massive hack.

So far, no conclusive evidence is showing the definite link of the hacking incident to the massive surge of unreleased Sony Pictures movies but the possibility is pretty tantalizing.

In the hacking incident last week, there was an estimated 11,000 GB of data siphoned off, including passport and visa info of cast and crew plus information of Sony IT systems according to Reddit.

Sony vows to press charges, citing it is “a criminal matter”

Source via TorrentFreak and Reddit

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